Why You Can't Believe Everything You Hear or Read - #ibbiwoman

Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read

It’s very easy to give lip service to how you are going to :

  • devote your attention to fitting the curvy body and
  • how you understand all the fitting problems of the past and
  • how styling, color and pattern will all be cutting edge fashion forward and
  • how all of this will be bound up in a package the curvy woman has been crying for.

And all of these pledges are wrapped up in a lavish advertising splash across the print media featuring familiar faces.

Uh huh. Yeah, right.

But you have to dig deeper than the lip service. Once you get past the hoopla and take a close look be prepared for some disappointment in the promise.

Yes, there are oodles of new collections sprouting up under the banner of a well known spokesperson or standing alongside an existing collection. But look closely. If a collection says they want to be all inclusive and are running sizes 2 to 28 beware. As a plus size woman I know that a frock designed for a size 2 is in no way going to grade up to my size 18 and look good and fit well. There has to be a lot of translation in styling when you leap from the straight sizes to the plus sizes. Proportions change and result in design modifications, which sometimes work and sometimes simply dont.

Why You Can't Believe Everything You Hear or Read - #ibbiwoman

Alternatively, as with the i.b.b.i. collection, when the garments start as design translations from the runway to your closet every consideration has been given to how to properly fit your curvy body and what will happen to that design concept when it moves into plus size.

Graphics, color blocks, jacquard patterns, plaids, print patterns all need adjustment to satisfactorily make the transition to plus. Engineering those elements so they flatter the curvy shape to its best advantage requires close attention and a fierce commitment to getting it right. We know that you all want to wear pattern and bold color and we also know that if we get it right it will make you feel good and confident. So we take the time to tweak and adjust until it is perfect.

You can be sure we take considerable pride in helping you shine as a bold, beautiful and irresistible woman.   Join our Meme campaign (#ibbiwoman) and share with us your ‘i…’ ending to ‘bold and beautiful. We cant wait to see you there.

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