What Can You Believe?

When facts no longer matter in the age of the alternative information ecosystem (a fancy way of describing the internet), the truth is basically whatever you choose to believe.

Web sites, blogs, newsletters, talking heads, social media often have more credibility than reality and we are bombarded by conflicting information which has the net-net effect of being misleading and giving off false impressions right and left.

For instance, a hard cold fact is the statistical revelation that 67% of the American female population is a size 14 or larger. The misconception is the women labeled ‘plus’ are over-weight messes whose major and primary forms of exercise are dipping their hands in the chip bowl and channel surfing the remote.

Wrong. You and I know that is not where the truth lies. Most of us are in excellent health, fit, high energy, multi-tasking tyros who can put our skinny sisters to shame in the track meet of living a full, well rounded life. Admittedly, there are plus size women who have let it all go to hell-in-a-hand-basket but in that statistical average there is a major revelation: the majority of us are self aware, confident, smart, active, healthy and fit.

Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson

Now we see a lot of band-wagoning going on where suddenly the ‘plus size woman’ has become a market. Before the entertainment world began showcasing plus size women (notably Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy), we were told by the world of fashion that we didn’t really want to be fashionable and were content to be marginalized because after all we were embarrassed by our size and preferred not to call attention to ourselves.

How wrong that is? The reality is we are hungry for edgy fashion, bright color, bold pattern and body conscious, sexy clothes for our wardrobes. The i.b.b.i. collection has been designed with that desire in mind, paying close attention to the specifics of fitting a curvy body.

We know that to shine the light on the new reality we have to say it loud enough and long enough so people will start to believe it: We are bold, beautiful and irresistible is our new mantra.

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