What an exceptional experience!

Rosie Mercado agreed to walk the runway for i.b.b.i. along with Joby Bach and a bevy of Canadian beauties. We presented 15 dresses to applause, whistles and more applause. Rosie just before the show was interviewed by Huffington Post and several others which gave us a big boost.

You can only image how thrilling it is to see the dresses on real people and to see the same size dress on every possible body shape with each lady looking absolutely fabulous. Francoise and I could not have been happier. And what made it even better was the women walking for us on the runway loved what they were wearing and it showed.

The next two days we manned a booth where women could come and try on our Capsules1 and 2 to experience firsthand what our fit is all about and fall in love with our stretch knit fabrication. We could tell it was a hit when we saw her come out of the dressing room grinning and stroking her sides with an ‘oooh’ whispering on her lips.

i.b.b.i. Collection runway at Montreal Plus Fashion Week

In fact, some of the women liked our dresses so much, after they tried them on, bought them, they kept them on and went on through the show. And then they kept coming back to us just to let us know how happy they were. There is no question in our mind we need to organize some salon shopping events so you can all have the experience of seeing, touching, trying on and falling in love with our collection.

Montreal confirmed what we have believed all along. Plus size comes not only in every size but in every shape and not a single one of the women attending the show was defined by either her size or her shape. Everyone one of them was bold, beautiful and irresistible.

Runway photography by Pphotonewb.com

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  1. So proud to have been part of this experience with amazing and inspiring ladies.

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