We Have Each Felt Like A Fashion Victim At Some Point In Our Adult Lives - #ibbiwoman

We Have Each Felt Like a Fashion Victim at Some Point in Our Adult Lives

The reasons are varied but for the plus size woman there is a common thread which resides in the narrow choices we have been faced within the past. For us the term ‘fashion victim’ usually relates to an embarrassment and nothing more dangerous than a bruised ego. Not always the case which is why the term was coined. There was a time when being a victim of fashion was a reality.

Did you know:

THAT THE HOBBLE SKIRT, from the early 1900’s, as with many things, had a foundation in practicality. Mrs. Edith Berg, accompanying the Wright brothers on one of their early flights, tightly bound her full skirt around her calves with twine so it wouldn’t flap into anything to do with keeping them in the air. It was a leap from the pragmatic to the potentially lethal, as the hobble skirt (while the height of fashion) was downright dangerous. It seriously inhibited walking and caused many avoidable accidents. A woman was trampled at the horse races when she couldn’t outrun a horse that bolted into the crowd. Another woman stumbled on a bridge, falling over the edge and breaking a lot more than her watch pendant.

THAT THE TERM ‘MAD AS A HATTER’ was founded in the truth that in the 1700’s various chemicals allowed milliners to work pelts into felt that could be shaped into tricorns and top hats. The downside was in the process mercury combined with an acid solution. A lethal side effect was mercury poisoning which caused trembling and death, while first making the victim slightly looney, hence ‘mad as a hatter.’

We Have Each Felt Like A Fashion Victim At Some Point In Our Adult Lives - #ibbiwoman

THAT IT WAS A LONG, ELABORATE SCARF dramatically flung about the shoulders with a casual flair that strangled Isadora Duncan when the fringe got caught up in the wheel spokes of the car she was traveling in.

THAT THE CRINOLINE HOOP SKIRT, which was very much like a steel cage, popular in the late 1800’s as a more comfortable alternative to a pile up of itchy horsehair petticoats used to make skirts stand out, actually acted as a chimney flue when a skirt caught fire. The Archduchess Mathilde of Austria, trying to hide her cigarette behind her back and from her father, unfortunately went up in flames.

More modern examples are maybe a trifle less dramatic or dangerous to the person (not always to the psyche) but they share the same herd mentality for their historic forebears.

But all that was then and now is now. i.b.b.i. is doing everything possible to avoid your being a fashion victim by translating trend, pattern and color from the runway into salubrious, gentle compression body conscious dresses that will bolster your feelings of being bold, beautiful and irresistible as a fashion leader not a victim.

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