Truth in Advertising Your Personality - The New Internet Dating Game

Truth in Advertising Your Personality – The New Internet Dating Game


It’s getting tougher and tougher to meet ‘the one’ but we can’t give up the search. The best approach, and one that seems to yield the best results, is being honest and forthright.

Have a friend help you with some images that best display your curvy assets and that you feel most comfortable with as putting your best foot forward. Relax into the experience and make it a party event so your expressions are natural and your body relaxed and not ‘posed.’ Pick your wardrobe carefully. Make it your best accessory so it shows off your personality as well as your curves. And do your make up with care and a light hand. If you look best with bright red lips, go for it. If you shine with a very subtle, natural look, hold true to your instincts. In that first presentation you don’t want to appear other than you actually are.


The key is ‘truth in advertising.’ You gain nothing and waste a lot of time if you misrepresent who you are, what you are and what you are looking for in a mate. Remind yourself the guys coming to dating sites are generally as insecure about the process as you are so try to make it easy for them by being genuine. You want a spontaneous reaction to your presentation, one that will best display how cool you are, how fun, and how true you are to yourself. That sense of confidence remarkably enough helps the guys relax. You quickly get past the ‘awkward’ stage and glide into a realm of possibilities.

Once you get past the first few dates you will be more relaxed about it and more quick to read the profiles of men you actually can see yourself with and eliminate the trial and error period. Always keep in mind, men who sign up at these sites are looking just as you are, they have the same level of angst and apprehension as well. But if you adhere to truth in advertising your personality will shine thru and you’ll succeed.

Don’t be dismayed by how many frogs you have to kiss before one turns into a prince. Keep in mind your new mantra: I’m bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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