Ashley - i.b.b.i. Fit Model

Thinking About Fit

Ashley - ibbiWorld Fit ModelWe decided it made sense to first consider the specific plus size body issues that are most often misunderstood in the straight market when they contemplate fit for the curvy woman.

The idea there are five basic body types for the full figure woman could be daunting until you focus on commonalities.

Take an armhole for instance. Since a plus size carries her weight in her shoulders, biceps and cross back it might seem you could just follow the same grade from a size 4 through to a 24. Brilliant. Easy. If you’re fitting a gorilla.

ibbi understands that the depth of the armhole is not much different on the plus size woman than it is on the straight sized woman. We are not after all fat in our armpits.

Seems like a simple conclusion. But it is a significant step toward insuring our dresses fit like a dream, sufficient across the upper arm and bicep but not carved out with an armhole from hell. We all know how bad that looks. Hop over to and take a look-see at how spectacular our dresses look on plus size models (ours, Rosie, Liris and Rebecca are all size 16s and represent triangle, hourglass and oval body types).

Same principle applies to sleeve lengths, neck openings, bottom openings. Fit is all about paying attention to who you are trying to fit; assessing her assets; and, fitting on a model that actually represents the size you are fitting for.

What a concept. At i.b.b.i our fit model, Ashley, is an hourglass body type and a true size 16. And she looks fabulous in our collection knit dresses. Here she is during a fitting. Fabulous, right?


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