The Cost of Uncompromising Quality

THE COST OF UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY separates us from the herd. Here at ibbi we listened very carefully to what our woman was asking for and made the decision to deliver to her Triple A quality in both design and materials.

We’ve taken no short cuts. Our knit fabric is a blend of superior grade raw materials (chiefly rayon) interlinked with spandex for a fabric of substance, memory, easy care, and durability. The design is a clear, unblinking translation of high fashion into wearable, flattering dresses engineered to fit and flatter the curvy woman. And we deliver a level of exclusivity targeted for the woman who wants to express her individuality without being cookie cutter in a high volume, less expensive version of a trend. Because we are rotating fresh, new designs into our collection every 4-6 weeks, we represent an opportunity for variety and the expression of personal taste.

A major part of our decision to make for the better market was anchored in the realization we couldn’t effectively compete in an already crowded arena of lower priced fast fashion. That’s not our background. That’s not our taste level and recognizing where our combined 50 + years experience in the garment business could best be exploited to the benefit of the woman we wanted to dress we gravitated to the one area we identified as being the most neglected. The better, high quality segment of the market. It’s what we know best and where we knew our uncompromising dedication to quality would be most valuable.

There is something very satisfying when you slip on a beautifully made garment. There is an immediate boost in confidence. The weight of the garment, the cool, silky way it glides onto and shapes to your figure. Wow. Makes you feel strong, pleased, ready to take on the world. Confident. And that’s how you feel even before you twirl in front of the mirror. When you do, you see the reflection of a bold, beautiful and totally irresistible woman.

When we came to the point where we had to price our garments we knew we had to be competitive in the better market no matter how it was defined by size. We were very careful to keep our eye focused on where we would slot into the field. The discerning woman of taste will quickly recognize we are delivering the uncompromising quality she not only wants but deserves.

See for yourself. Visit i.b.b.i. collection and see how easy we are making it to be bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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