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The Concept of Social Selling

The concept of social selling is once again becoming a way to create a comfort zone for product where the customer can spend time trying on, feeling, and becoming sure enough about fit and fashion the decision makes itself. This is usually happening in familiar surroundings such as trunk shows in a local hotel, sometimes a friends living room. The big benefit is the opportunity to get up close and personal with the product.

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Look what’s happened to the curvy girl community. Instead of hiding behind shapeless, colorless garments we are being offered choice curated by influencers who have gained our trust through their blogs. Bloggers and influencers offer you opinion which is great as it is always a positive to listen to other voices. When you’re shaping your personal style it is important to be able to review other people’s choices as you formulate your own ‘look.’

But and it’s a big BUT don’t be intimidated into believing everything you read. There are a burgeoning group of one on one retail options opening where you can go and in an intimate surrounding consult with a personal stylist who’s going to pay attention to your wants and needs, perhaps persuading you to try something different. This is a healthy way to reinforce the rightness of your choice for yourself. You can tell when you look in the mirror if something is right or wrong and if you are working with a professional stylist she’ll tell you as well.

The Concept of Social Selling - #ibbiwoman

Keeping in touch used to mean a phone call, a postcard or a note. Now it means a text, Instagram, tweet or posting. The glory of instantaneous communication is how quickly you can build a community around an idea or a cause. We totally understand the need to be convinced and agree that the best way to be convinced is through personal experience.

We will be organizing regional show and tell sessions for i.b.b.i. so you can touch it, feel it, try it on and fall in love with it. We’ll give you plenty of notice so you can organize your friends as well and you can let us know if you would be interested in hosting a show and tell. We would be happy to hear from you and have you actively join our bold, beautiful and irresistible campaign.

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