Support our Indiegogo Project and Let Everyone Know You’re an #ibbiWoman!

Support our Indiegogo Project and Let Everyone Know You’re an #ibbiWoman!

With the highly successful launch of our Capsule I and II Collections, i.b.b.i. could not be more proud of the feedback and positive responses we’re getting from plus-sized women all around the world. Our knitwear creations are inspiring women to demand a higher quality of plus-size garments from fashion designers, and we’re excited to be on the front lines of the ever-growing #PlusIsEqual movement within the fashion industry.

But we’re not stopping to dote on our accomplishments! In fact, we’re on to the next great adventure: the launch of our Capsule III Collection and the invention of a hashtag campaign of our own!

Crowdfunding and launching Capsule III

In the wake of our first two Collections, i.b.b.i. has decided to take a new and exciting approach to launching our Capsule III collection. We’re crowdfunding it through Indiegogo!

#ibbiWoman LiveOn-IndieGoGoWhy crowdfunding? Simple: crowdfunding helps us get the word out about our brand and our capsule collections, while also helping us to mitigate some of the mounting costs that come with each new Collection’s rollout. Being successful in crowdfunding the Capsule III Collection will not only mean we’re able to release it quicker, it’ll also give us the opportunity to fund even bigger collections in the future!

If you’re interested in backing our Indiegogo project, please take a look at it here!

Our Indiegogo project will also give us a chance to directly connect with the women who will be wearing our fashions! Our hope is that plus-sized women who back our project will share it with their friends and take advantage of the great backer rewards we have to offer.

Some of the items we’re giving away include totes, makeup bags and personalized notes from i.b.b.i. Founders, Ann and Francoise. We’re even giving a few inspired backers the opportunity to work with us in designing future i.b.b.i. garments!

Keep checking back to our project page or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep tabs on how our project is coming along!




Introducing: the #ibbiWoman

As we launch our Indiegogo campaign, i.b.b.i. is also delighted to introduce our very own hashtag: #ibbiWoman!  This hashtag is designed to be the megaphone for bold, beautiful women everywhere, to share positive messages about them selves.

SuperModel-Emme-#ibbiwoman - independentWe’re kicking off our #ibbiWoman hashtag with a special event: all you need to do is visit to join the conversation!

Tell us what makes you proud to be a full-figured woman by completing the “I am BOLD BEAUTIFUL &  _____” prompt, upload a picture of your curvy figure and you’ll be featured across our social media and online gallery alongside thousands of other ladies who are proud to be plus-sized!

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our #ibbiWoman hashtag on social media, where we’ll provide updates on our Indiegogo project, share news and information about our brand, and applaud the efforts of plus-size women throughout the fashion industry.

Support i.b.b.i. and help us celebrate full-figured women everywhere!

We may be fresh into 2016, but i.b.b.i. is running full steam ahead already! We can’t thank our supporters enough for helping us realize the visions of our Capsule I and II Collections, and we’re looking forward to bringing Capsule III to life with the help of our Indiegogo backers.

If you’re as excited as we are to bring bright, bold, form-flattering knitwear designs to plus-sized, fashion-forward women, help us spread the word. There are three things you can do to support us:

  • Back our Indiegogo campaign if you haven’t already. Every contribution helps us get closer to our goal of bringing Capsule III to market!
  • Share our Indiegogo project on social media with the hashtag #ibbiWoman, to help us attract support from other backers.
  • Visit and tell us why you’re an #ibbiWoman, to help us show the fashion industry that you are Bold & Beautiful!

We look forward to what 2016 has in store for i.b.b.i. and we hope you’ll join us in being a part of all of the exciting things that the year ahead holds.

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