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Style is Not Just About Fashion

Style can and should be a statement of your personality with fashion and trend providing the options from which you can select what best represents the person you are or want to be.

For all of us, establishing a signature which represents our personal style is an on-going matter of trial, error and choice. There is no right way. Each of us has to pick and choose using how we view the results as our success meter. The process of experimentation allows for growth, attitude and change in our personal perception of the person we are. Remember as our sense of self, raised self esteem and confidence grow our perception of that personal style may change or more likely evolve.

Here’s where i.b.b.i. becomes your single most important launching platform. By using a well fitting, on trend dress as your foundation you can build out with your accessories a signature look that is well composed and individual.

First, think about your jewelry:

There has been quite a lot said recently about ‘statement’ pieces often necklaces. Before you spend your money take a visual inventory of your wardrobe and first determine how a desired piece will fit in as you want the piece to be appropriate over several outfits as part of how you make it a part of your personal statement. There are two categories of statement jewelry; one being the investment category, the other being impulse, short term and frivolous. Each is valid and if each is a satisfactory statement of your personal style have at it. Just remember the impulse fades quickly, the investment is with you for the long term.

Then, think about your accessories:

Scarves, gloves, hats, handbags, and toppers. Each accessory adds a special touch to your statement of style. Accessories are an opportunity to express your mood of the moment, be reflective of an event or a general presentation (lunch with your friends or a business meeting). They can be practical, playful or simply trendy. Accessories are where you can be impetuous and have fun with your statement of personal style. Remember there are no rules. All you have to deal with is your personal comfort zone.

So when you’re building from the inside out, start with your favorite shape wear, pull on your favorite i.b.b.i. collection dress and add on your personal style statements. Now you’re ready to step out as your totally bold, beautiful and irresistible self.

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