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Since Inception, i.b.b.i. Has Been a Wear-Now Collection

Now it seems the fashion world in general has come awake and joined what has always seemed to us an approach to fashion that makes good sense.

This Fashion Week in New York has designers from Rebecca Minkoff to Tommy Hilfiger to Alexander Wang and beyond saying their shows will be all about what the customer can go right out and buy. WEll yes and no. It is their ‘intention’ to deliver for wear-now but as often happens in these big machine fashion houses, the ship takes a lot of time to turn around. Will they accelerate their delivery schedule. Absolutely but dont except they will be in a full on wear now format until well into 2017.

New York Fashion Week

The i.b.b.i. Collection was conceived as a wear now collection. We carefully developed knit fabrications that have a non-seasonal characteristic and are right to wear 12 months of the year no matter whether you’re East or West Coast, Northern or Southern states. That makes us not only wear now but multi functional in your wardrobe. You can pick which dress to wear because it suits your mood or event without any concern about it being seasonally appropriate. It also means your collection of i.b.b.i. dresses has a longer life in your wardrobe.

I see it, I like it, I buy it

We’ll go one step further and shine the light on how this affects your wardrobe and wardrobe building. If you have to buy months in advance of when you are going to wear it you sometimes make choices that are considerably more impulsive that if you buy for wear now. While we totally subscribe to the ‘I see it, I like it, I buy it’ approach to purchases we are basically talking about immediate needs in lieu of long term projections of what those needs may be.

And the biggest benefit of buy now is how easy it becomes to stay on trend and be fashion smart and current. The concept of ‘fashion immediacy’ makes total sense. And because we are direct to you we have a distinct advantage. We don’t stop in a showroom on our way to your closet; we don’t wholesale to a store so you can wait until they put it out on the floor for sale. We design to trend and color, manufacture straight away and put up on our site for your easy access. No frills straight to you makes total sense to us. We hope it will make sense to you.

We applaud those designers who are evolving into the wear now approach as it ultimately enhances your choice and gives you more opportunity to express your bold, beautiful and irresistible personal style.

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