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Setting Goals

Most of us struggle with New Year’s resolution failure and often find goals we have set for ourselves have been shed like we were a snake molting in the sun.

Well let’s see what we can do about that!

First, find an accountability partner, someone you trust who you can share your goal with who will be supportive and help you keep pace with your progress to goal. Second, explore the ‘why’ behind your goal, the reasons behind setting a goal will keep your motivated.

Think Big


Focus on the one thing that would most improve your life, no matter what it might be (getting healthy, paying up debt, getting a promotion, whatever) and set that as a goal.

Write it Down


The very act of writing down your goal, seems to make it more real and improves your odds of achieving it. It also helps to view your goal as if it has already been achieved. Without going philosophically over-board, there is a great benefit to ‘creative visualization’ as it places you in the reality of the goal and gives you an opportunity to do some refinement in your thinking as well.

Be Specific


Generalizations don’t work for long term goal keeping, you need to be focused and specific. Instead of saying “I exercised today” try saying “I walked 2 miles today, going from my home to the shopping center and back.” It’s a subtle difference but it is a significant difference in terms of measuring your accomplishment.

Give Yourself a Time Goal


Deadlines serve as a means of keeping us on track and making the achievement of a goal something we can actually visualize. Keeping in mind the activity of actually writing down accomplishments serves the same purpose as writing down our goal by giving the effort as sense or permanence.

Being successful in achieving your goal or goals is largely dependent on how honest you are with your own behavior traits and habits. We’ve all found ourselves at one point or another on the other side of where we had hoped to be, bemoaning failure to achieve our goal and not being entirely honest about how we sabotaged our best efforts. If we don’t manage that ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ mentality, achieving our goals is at hazard. And when we are honest with ourselves, getting over set-backs and around obstacles become manageable road bumps in your road to success.

Setting goals, being constructively aspirational, and succeeding is what the i.b.b.i. philosophy is all about. Being bold, beautiful and irresistible is being honest with yourself, goal oriented and confident.

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