Self Confidence - #ibbiwoman

Self Confidence

We all know you can’t let them see you sweat; that living well is the best revenge; and, if you can think it you can do it. We all know this but there are among us those who don’t quite believe it.

Look around you. People who are successful generally look successful. Their body carriage, facial expressions and voice tone all speak to the self confidence engendered by their success.

How do you get that sense of self confidence?

We talked about it before and have the following to add:

Self Confidence - #ibbiwoman
  • Good posture: standing up straight has an amazing result. You feel more in control, breathe better, can hold your head up and look straight forward (there’s no advantage in staring at your shoes; you know they are there and unless you are checking to be sure they are not a mismatched pair, look up and straight forward)
  • Attention to personal care: Clean hair, a clean face (well made up if that suits you), clean well manicured nails and hands (you can do this yourself with an emery board and a nice hand cream)
  • Being well put together: The effort you put into looking well dresses conveys a high level of personal care and self assurance plus self respect. Moderate, subtle jewelry, flattering color and pattern and, well fitting garments are a very powerful combination

i.b.b.i. is your lock-step companion in getting that last bullet point right. Nothing beats wearing a dress when wanting to present a well composed image. And all you have to do is add some finishing touches to personalize the effect.

A good fit, on trend color, flattering pattern combine to insure a powerful personal presentation. i.b.b.i. is devoted to providing you with these basic tools to make you bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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