Quick Fix: Keep Your Skin Soft, Smooth and Moisturized

WE ALL KNOW WHAT SUMMER MEANS: BEWARE OF CHAFFING. Well, not only Summer. Being hot, sticky and suffering from chaffing is a formula for misery any time of year. Chaffing makes even simple tasks difficult if not unbearable. Don’t grin and bear it, do something about it.

I’ve found some very simple solutions that don’t require a lot of effort and don’t cost a lot of money. First, stay hydrated. Pass on that soda or fruit juice and opt for plain water (sometimes add a squeeze of lemon).   Carry a bottle of water with you (or use one of those pretty containers) as a periodic sip or two gets you into the routine of keeping hydrated.

Second, keep the skin where chaffing most loves to reside (your inner thighs, under arms, under those love handles) soft, smooth and moisturized. It’s easy to use petroleum jelly or baby oil (almond oil, lavender oil, vitamin E cream, aloe vera gel work as well) as a moisturizer. Just a dab will do it and be absorbed so you don’t have to worry about mess. For some reason smooth moisturized skin doesn’t chaff as much as dry skin.


And third, keep those pesky, chaffing vulnerable areas dry. I use cornstarch because it has no scent, is devoid of any sneaky chemical additives and can be stored in a pretty glass container with one of those feathery, fluffy, dainty powder puffs which make using it a very satisfying end to your shower or bath. You want to use it on your inner thighs, under arms, and any skin folds you may have that tend to be reservoirs of moisture (yep, that’s sweat ladies). I’ve found when you use corn starch on smooth, moisturized skin it tends to be more long term than some of the talc based powders. And, cornstarch is less obvious than that milk white talc compound and definitely costs less.

If you get that irritating (and often painful) rash from chaffing look for calendula oil (check the labels to see if it’s included in ointments over the counter as well) for healing and protection and check to make sure you’re not sensitive to it with an experimental patch test before using.

Oh, and look for one of those old fashioned face powder cases. You can put together a quick fix carry along for chaffing touch ups as you go through your day into night.

When you’re bold, beautiful and irresistible you don’t want to be bothered with something as dealable as chaffing.

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