New York Full Fashion Week - #ibbiwoman

New York Full Figured Fashion Week

NEW YORK FULL FIGURED FASHION WEEK has been chock full of events each designed to celebrate the curvy woman bringing with it a vigorous presentation of what Plus Size Fashion should be all about.

The genesis for the organizer, Gwen DeVoe (a plus size model legend in the same league as Emme and Alexandra Boos), was a seed planted when she was at a New York Fashion Week fashion show and while oohing and aahing over what she was seeing on the runway, was struck with the revelation “None of these things are for me. And not because I wasn’t a buyer — because I had money. But because they didn’t come in my size.”

That was over eight years ago and while the variety in the plus size market has evolved it by no means is where it should be. Designers in the straight market still demure when asked about expanding their collections to include Plus Size. Traditional Retail still consigns Plus Size to an out of the way venue defined as ‘Womens’.

Events such as Full Figured Fashion Week, and The Curvy Con, have inspired events such as last month’s Montreal Full Fashion Event which combined a runway show (i.b.b.i. was the lead off collection) with two days of meet and greet and sales opportunities. It’s a very worthy direction as each event celebrating the curvy woman is a step in the direction of acceptance.

We congratulate these pioneers in bring Plus Size Fashion to the attention of the media and the fashion world. Their dedication and work are a very clear message: the curvy woman is definitely bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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