New York Fashion Week Will Never Be The Same Again #ibbiwoman

New York Fashion Week Will Never Be the Same Again

While straight size 2s strutted their stuff on the catwalks, plus size curvy women took to the streets in support of a commitment to focus on the need for size diversity on the fashion runway, in print media and at retail, flooding Times Square at high noon on September 14, 2015.

Susan Moses (left, below), celebrity stylist, joined the call to action and served as a consultant to the #PlusIs Equal campaign. A leader in the fashion industry Ms. Moses has long been an advocate of the plus size woman and very vocal about how fashion under-serves her needs. i.b.b.i. is very proud Ms. Moses serves as stylist for the i.b.b.i. collection.

Supermodel Emme (pictured 2nd from the left with Francoise, co founder of i.b.b.i. together with Tarah and Ashley in i.b.b.i.'s leopard jacquard knit dress)

What was all the fuss about? Lane Bryant long time leader in plus size garments gave themselves a contemporary shot in the arm proclaiming #PlusIsEqual. Their proclamation was illustrated with 6 plus size models who are becoming increasingly familiar to the general audience (Ashley Graham, 2nd from the right, broke a lot of rules when she became a Sports Illustrated Swim Suit model) with a voice that has grown just a little bit louder. These six women stepped forward in a break through ad featured in Vogue magazine.

Wait a minute. Vogue? That’s right. The media leader who morphed the shapely fashion model into an anorexic, androgynous waif is finally catching on (or is it up?) with the growing ground swell move to acknowledge what the statistics are shouting out loud and clear: 67% of the US female population is plus size (over size 14). That’s right! There are more of us than them.

Layne Bryant's Plus is Equals Vogue Spread

So how did it happen that size 8 became considered plus size? Why does the fashion industry continue to shy away from the plus size market? For some arcane reason major fashion labels continue to feel a plus size range will taint their brand recognition. Well, listen up! The plus size lady’s money is as green as the size 2’s. And if you give her fashion and fit she’ll spend it.

Supermodel Emme (pictured 2nd from the left with Francoise, co founder of i.b.b.i. together with Tarah and Ashley in i.b.b.i.’s leopard jacquard knit dress) was considered ‘fat’ by a high paid fashion photographer when she first started out. Now world renown, Emme has appeared on countless magazine covers, authored a book and is a sought after television personality. The plus size fashion community is gaining strength in outspoken numbers. Their voice is being heard. And i.b.b.i. is listening carefully, delivering to the full figure woman what she deserves; clothing with just as much quality, fit and fashion as made for the straight woman.

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