Montreal’s First Plus Fashion Week and What it Means to I.B.B.I

We have been honored with an invitation to participate in the fashion runway show and show at a booth during this prestigious event (May 20, 21, 22, 2016). Rosie Mercado will be joining us on both the runway and in our booth.

Rosie Mercardo - #ibbiwoman

The personal journey Rosie has been on is inspiring and a testament to character and strength. Rosie is living proof that it is possible to successfully take charge of your life and become the person you want to be. It takes discipline, purpose and an inner voice that keeps reminding you that you are worth the effort. We are very proud to have Rosie as a brand ambassador.

Rosie Mercardo - #ibbiwoman

If you can, we would love to see you in Montreal. There is the runway show but there is also a booth where you can stop by, meet us, meet Rosie and get touchy feely with our fabulous dresses. We know if you can see them, hold them and see them on a body you will fall in love with these have to have dresses.

Montreal Plus Fashion Week is an acknowledgement long time coming which is basically curvy women are as interested in fashion and looking good, on trend, as their smaller sisters. We’ve been saying this all along so it is a wonderful thing to see more of these organized, focused events underlining our bold, beautiful and irresistible mantra. We will definitely report back on all the events and include feedback from all those we meet.

For us it is a very exciting step. We are very eager to see our dresses on the runway and will be snapping beau coup pix to share with you.

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  1. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to go yo a show and then to the booth to see the clothes up close and possibly meet Rosie. I have been following her journey ever so closely. She has been an inspiration to me and I have been awakened to my inner beauty and now project it outwards more often thank to her encouraging words.

  2. Thank you Lisa!
    We so hope to see you in Montreal! You can get more information about the weekend's activities here:


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