Making Some Decisions, Tough as They Are, May be Life Saving - #ibbiwoman

Making Some Decisions, Tough as They Are, May Be Life Saving

Medical science has advanced to a level where we are offered alternatives, none of which mind you, are quick fixes and none of which don’t involve a level of commitment and hard work.

Morbid obesity is out of the realm of being a plus size woman.

What’s the difference?

I guess the easiest way to differentiate between the two is mobility. Morbid obesity, besides being life threatening because of the burden it places on your various organs, severely inhibits your ability to move around. Going up stairs becomes an ordeal, the huffing and puffing being both scary and bad for you. Finding a chair that you can both sit in and that will hold you can be a daunting experience, for some so stressful it drives you further into your isolated world proscribed by your lack of mobility.

I’m not a doctor, not a medical person on any level but I have been a plus size woman since a teenager. I’m active, a walker, and when I was considerably younger I was very athletic — tennis, skiing, swimming, sailing, body surfing, hiking, climbing. Pretty much up for whatever was on offer. And I was always hovering between a 16 and 18. I was never immune to the fad diet and often shed enough poundage to fit into a 14 but it was always a short lived loss as my body seemed to want those extra pounds.

I’m a cancer survivor (kidney) and know very well the inhibiting issues related to serious illness pulling out of it by moving and ultimately overcoming the fears associated with the idea you could ‘break’. And honestly I’ve never given much thought to my size or my body image as I have always been pretty comfortable in my skin. But I do have an understanding of what it must be like to be in the morbidly obese category and because of that I applaud the woman who has the courage to do whatever has to be done to restore good health and that includes gastric bypass surgery. Radical, last choice for many, it can restore a sense of self and if it is considered a tool to be used to achieve good health then I say have at it.

Making Some Decisions, Tough as They Are, May be Life Saving - #ibbiwoman

Bottom line is we have to do what is best for our health and well being. And that means if you fall within the category of morbid obesity you need to get moving toward solutions that will best suit you and achieve the best results, results that bring you to good health, help make you fit, and drag you kicking and screaming back into the main stream where you can be mobile, competitive and socialized. And you want to do whatever it takes to keep you there without back sliding. These are life style changes with an emphasis on life.

i.b.b.i. stands for more than being bold, beautiful and irresistible. It also stands for being body conscious and intelligent about your good health.

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