Look Around, Look At Us Now #ibbiwoman

Look Around And Look At Us Now

Yikes! Who would have thought 5 years, 2 years ago that the curvy woman would have stepped into the front row to hold a commanding presence in entertainment, politics, in virtually every facet of our lives.

We’re surrounded with powerful, empowering women who are influential leaders on solid platforms they have built for themselves.

Hillary Clinton has made the fitted pant suit iconic and she consistently looks great in her signature fashion selection loaded with color and pattern. It works for her and it could work for you as well. And we’re giving you an opportunity to carve out your signature look as well.

Hillary Clinton

Candice Bergen has made the unqualified statement that she is fat and fabulous and has no intention of whittling down her glamorous self simply to accommodate a model of what the successful, beautiful should look like. She looks fit, confident and well put together. The perpetual grin on her beautiful face speaks volumes to the core of her well being. She is happy with her body and comfortable living in it.

Kelly Clarkson reminds us she is fit and comfortable with her curves putting her voice, her family and her self esteem before the need to conform to an ideal set to a standard that does not represent the averages. Because she is out front she has to deal with a lot of neigh sayers and she does it brilliantly, politely dismissing their negativity and being joyful about her positive self image.

Drew Barrymore demonstrates it is possible to be a mother, an entrepreneur, a force in entertainment and a role model. Everyone of her curves is earned and cherished. And when haven’t you seen her looking totally fabulous.

Look At Us Now

Meghan Trainor, the poster girl for fighting body shaming with her anthem “All About That Bass” and a staunch believer in complimenting yourself and saying out loud, “I look good.”

Adele, with a set of pipes like an angel, has broken every standing record with the new release of her CD 25, while she stands on terra firm a proud example of beauty in face and curvaceous form.

Emme, Queen Latifah, Angela Merkel, Rebel Wilson, America Ferrara, Ashley Graham, Lena Denham. The list is getting longer by the day as big, beautiful and irresistible women are stepping forward not in defense of their size but as a testimonial to the wonder and glory of diversity.

It’s a different set of role models: women who represent the overwhelming majority. Our champions, like ourselves, come in a variety of shapes. Their top of the heap successes are clear indicators that size can matter!

Look At Us Now

Visit us at ibbicollection.com and see for yourself how we can dress you as you want to dress and be the big, beautiful, irrepressible woman you know you are.

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