Let's Talk About Underwear - #ibbiwoman

Let’s Talk About Underwear

If you want to successfully wear the same styling as your straight size sisters then you have to consider wearing the same kind of underwear they do. Don’t for one minute think what you see on the red carpet is nature’s finest. That woman in the plunging front and back dress is wearing some of the cleverly constructed under pieces that hold you up, hold you in, and push you out.

They seem miraculous, these wonder under pieces, but they actually work. Without doing any endorsements we know that shape wear (unitards, slips, biker shorts, etc.) lets your dress skim your body without bouncing off of your figure situations (bumps, rolls and other delicious curves). And they add a level of confidence we need to learn from our straight sisters. Without the jiggle and wiggle you suddenly feel the retreat is as glamorous as the approach.

Let's Talk About Underwear - #ibbiwoman

Then there are those strapless, backless, sideless ‘bra’ pieces which surprising enough do offer support without the shadow silhouette of a traditional bra. Don’t expect they will do any minimizing but do expect that they will snip the bonds that tie with regular bras and let you wear those plunging front and back dresses that are so tantalizing.

Let's Talk About Underwear - #ibbiwoman

One of our points of difference is our dresses are designed and constructed to give you added support and a confidence building fit. We analyzed and paid attention to your full figure body situations and determined to accent, accentuate and beautify those curves into a dress designed specifically for you.

When you combine that special i.b.b.i. dress with the right underwear you have put together a very powerful combination that presents you spotlight ready. Remember your red carpet is every time you enter a room, walk into a meeting, join friends for dinner, go out dancing, any time you are out and about in public presenting your bold, beautiful and irresistible self.

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