Let's Go Back to Price - #ibbiwoman

Let’s Go Back to Price

The i.b.b.i. Collection is priced to slot into the better contemporary and contemporary designer market and be competitive in the same arena as your straight size Jonathan Simkhai, Ohne Teitel, Azzedine Alaia, Herve Leger, Ronny Kobo and Marina Rinaldi.

But there is substantially more that goes into pricing a garment than market position. For instance:

  • Raw materials: We believe that if you start with the finest raw materials you have set yourself on the path to Triple A quality. Our blended rayon and nylon basic yarn is spun for strength and dyed for color fast, bright, true color.
  • Stretch: As we are knitting the panels that will join together for your special dress we are knitting in a stretch fiber which gives the finished dress slight compression, memory to keep its shape and strength to compliment the strength of the fibers in the raw materials.
Let's Get Back to Price - #ibbiwoman

Our knitting — full milano (a doubleknit of substance) and double jacquard (including jacquard intarsia) and short row ottoman stitches for chevron patterning — is slow, time consuming primarily because it is a dense, tight knit constructed for durability and long lasting beauty. You’ve heard the cliche ‘Time is Money” well make no mistake that slow knitting is more expensive than quick but is 100% better in the end result.

All our finishing is by hand to insure the quality is up to our high standard.

Every garment is inspected at each stage of production and the final inspection is ruthless, leaving below tolerance margins for specifications and finish. We won’t put the i.b.b.i. label in a garment until we are totally certain it meets all our standards of excellence.

All these elements combine into making our dresses one at a time, under constant scrutiny. At i.b.b.i. collection we take a lot of pride in our product and that uncompromising pledge to maintain the quality we would hang in our own closets is why our garments are priced where they are. When you make a commitment to be the best you enter the world of bold, beautiful and irresistible with confidence and high self esteem.

Let us know if you want us to send you a swatch of our knit fabrication. Sometimes, touching and feeling is the best way to see how bold, beautiful and irresistible i.b.b.i. actually is.

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