Let Your Confidence Be The Voice of Change


We all know about the kerfuffle when Leslie Jones was trying to get a gown for the premier of Ghostbusters. When she said, “You can look good. Don’t let nobody (sic) tell you you can’t look good because of your size” it resonated to the bone of every plus size woman reading or listening to the news.

And when Christian Siriano stepped up to the plate and designed a dress for her that was a stop traffic stunner, worthy of a glorious gasp or two, it seemed like an inroad was being forged into the vast wasteland of fashion for the plus size woman.


So what are we to make of Raf Simons comment on his ascension to the Calvin Klein Creative Director Throne, “Fashion…used to be elitist…maybe it was nicer when it was more elitist, not for everybody.” Whoa, wait a minute. Am I reading that right? What exactly does he mean, not for everybody? Part of his complaint is that now fashion is for everybody which he sees as a bad thing but which we know would be a good thing if it was true. But we know it’s not.

Here’s the deal. If you want to create change you have to speak up, be the voice for those who want change but don’t have the confidence to speak out.

We need to actively support all those influencers and bloggers who are championing the cause of the plus size woman. They are also the voice of those who have no voice. Contribute to and follow social media. Make yourself not only seen but heard.

The fact that in the past we have been ignored doesn’t signify any longer as it is history and we can’t change the past. What we can change is the future and we should concentrate on supporting not just each other but those who are making more than an effort to change the plus size landscape.

One way you can express yourself is by joining our meme campaign and letting us hear your voice and celebrate your curvylicious self. We know you’re out there and that each and every one of you is bold, beautiful and irresistible.



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