We are simply thrilled by the results and reactions we’ve gotten so far!

Rosie Mercado, Melinda Parrish, and Wyinnetka Aaron our super glam plus size ladies are stunning. Philippe Reynaud, our photographer, was quick to say it didn’t matter what size these ladies are, they are gorgeous. And that from a Frenchman.

There’s a lot of background noise at a photo shoot. It’s not just models posing in front the camera. We began at 9 am with our hair stylist and makeup artist each working on one of the ladies so by the time 10:30 came around we were ready to start product shots with one while the other got her makeup done and the third was getting her hair done. Capturing all this background on video was Ricardo Oliveira. He was so good you didn’t know he was there so his video is natural and goes with the flow. Bravo Ricardo!

Product shots are just that; pictures of our dresses so that you can see all sides. Rosie, Melinda and Wyinnetka loved what they were wearing and it comes across in their photos. They all commented that as a model you show up for a job and wear whatever it is they give you to wear and often you don’t particularly like it. Not so with the i.b.b.i. collection. They loved wearing the dresses and by the time we were doing our editorial shoots they were picking out their favs to wear.

As the shoot was progressing, David Catteblanche, the hair stylist, and Dawn Nicole, the makeup artist were in constant motion making certain the ladies were totally camera ready. At the same time our stylist, Rachel Wirkus, was making certain everything was perfect with the dress and keeping an eye out for the next in line, getting them in the right shoes and with the right jewelry. Rachel was non-stop, hard working and a perfectionist, just as you would want your stylist to be. Watching and evaluating each image as it appeared on the screen (we are digital after all so everything is instanteous) was Julian Walter, Philippe’s assistant giving him constant real time feedback. And supervising it all, was Philippe’s wife, Marina Barlage, our art director. When they say it takes a village, you can believe a successful photo shoot is the result of a well coordinated team of professionals each doing their job with precision and care.

Lenny, Francoise’s husband and a master chef, catered a seriously scrumptious lunch which we all nibbled on way past the lunch break. It was relaxed, fun and a joyous celebration of being bold, beautiful and irresistible.

Location: GO STUDIOS

Photographer : Philippe Reynaud
Photo assistant : Julian Walter
Art director: Marina Barlage
Production: #creative22
Makeup : Dawn Nicole
Hair: David Cotteblanche
Video : Ricardo oliveira
Stylist : Rachel Wirkus

Jewelry: Raquel Schiavon

Rosie Mercado
Melinda Parrish
True Model Management

Wyinnetka Aaron
Dorothy Combs Models

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