It's Not Much, But It's A Start #ibbiwoman

It’s Not Much, But It’s a Start

The February issue of IN STYLE magazine boldly headlines LOVE YOUR BODY  but when you finally locate the companion story for the headline, it focuses primarily on an ample chest, a tiny bosom, crankles, big bootie, pancake butt, little me, a baby bump and finally (last but we hope not least) curves.

The woman addressing you in the curves portion of the article starts out hating her body then finding the outspoken supports coming from the blogosphere of plus size ladies and falling in love with herself as she is in all her big beautiful goddess glory. She went in for a complete overhaul and says “I look Fabulous.”

The most honest part of her dialogue is the admission she will never look like a size 2 (or as she says, “…even a size 8”) and that’s okay. She now feels “…you don’t have to be skinny to feel sophisticated, put together, and — yes — sexy.” We say amen to that!

Short and sweet with some tips the most important of which is recognizing that full, curvy bodies come in a variety of shapes.

My Body Shape

So welcome to i.b.b.i. collection world. We are all about fitting that variety of shapes and giving you choices. Our dresses are smart, sassy, body con and comfortable. You can accessorize as you want to individualize your look knowing that the dress fits you, hugs your curves where you want it to and gives you that sexy, confident look you want.

And the most important point of all is an i.b.b.i. dress has been designed specifically for you with a pledge to be the best translation of what you see on the runway into what you can wear in a flattering interpretation of trend, color and pattern. It’s a carefully structured process stepping off the runway into your closet. We have studied those parts of a dress that give the most problem to the curvy gal and discretely engineered construction that side steps the problem areas and delivers a fashionable fit that hugs the curves and is totally fab on the straight-aways.

Come visit us at and see what your future outlook can be. We will dress you as the big, beautiful and irresistible woman you know you are.

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