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It’s All About Perspective – Accepting Your Body one Hmmm! At a Time.

A SKINNY SIBLING SEEMS LIKE A CURSE BUT CAN BE A BLESSING. I grew up with two (not just one) skinny siblings who could eat anything in any quantity any time or all the time and never seem to gain on ounce. I, on the other hand, am certain I was born a size 16 (see my earlier blog about that) and it seemed I absorbed even an extra sip of water as an extra layer of fat.

When you’re chubby as a child, it’s deemed cute and you get your cheeks pinched regularly as if this were some kind of approving hug instead of humiliation. When you’re a teenager you become acutely aware of them and us, them being the skinnys and us being the chubbettes, and how people seem to treat you differently depending on which category you fall into. If you’re anything like I was you make all kinds of promises to yourself to diet until you magically morph into a skinny.

Light headed and reeling I cherished every ounce I shed while relishing my self deprivation as a badge of honor and symbol of self discipline. And then, I would fall off the rails and indulge in a bag of chips or extra piece of pizza or a Snickers or something else I had designated as ‘untouchable’ never really understanding that denial is neither the answer or the solution.

Body acceptance

I’m not exactly certain of the precise moment I had the body acceptance epiphany but it lurks somewhere in my memory between 15 and 16. I had a crush on one of the popular boys and was heartbroken knowing he would never be interested in me and my lumpy, soft self. We joked and played around but it seemed he treated me as the go to chum not as the potential girl friend I wanted to be.

We had all suffered through dancing class together, laughing and joking about our awkwardness and I knew in my heart I would never get a chance to dance outside of the class. But then we were sitting on a bench outside and he was asking me to the first dance of the school year and I was struck dumb to the point of blurting out ‘Why me?” He took my hand and shyly said ‘Because I like you best of all.” He accepted me as I had never accepted myself. What a life changing revelation that moment turned out to be.

Body acceptance

I realized envy as a motivator would only lead to disappointment. If I respected and cherished who I was it would seep out of my pores and people around me would share my joy. My skinny siblings no longer were a competition and I didn’t need to try to mirror their behavior, that by doing so I wouldn’t change into either one of them, that by being myself I became a better self.

And as an adult, I was prepared to be bold, beautiful and irresistible in my own right.

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