I'm Totally Addicted to Romance Novels and Proud of it! - #ibbiwoman

I’m Totally Addicted to Romance Novels and Proud of it!

As an often enraging intellectual snob, my Romance novel addiction is surprisingly not a hidden foible. Nope. I’m very up front about refusing to disguise the lusty covers with packaging that could speak to anything printed in mass market paperback book size. I’m an avid reader of Julia Quinn, Grace Burrows, Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Lowell, and a myriad of other ladies. I gobble them up by the handful. And if it’s a Regency Romance I nearly swoon.


The heroines are generally real, curvy women, small in stature, but feisty, sure footed and determined with a sense of humor. Relatable in a way that makes you believe in the romance. And these heroines seem to share a common streak of low level confidence bolstered by a sense of passion and a sense of right. Well, if we were looking for champions they can be found in abundance in the Romance section of your book store.

I'm Totally Addicted to Romance Novels and Proud of it! - #ibbiwoman

But what really makes these heroines relatable is they are curvy women, not waifs. You had to have ample assets to successfully wear (read fill out) the styles of Regency England. How clever of these writers to realize who their audience is (read you and me, the norm or average) and to provide them with relatable heroines. If real men often eat quiche, real women often read Romance novels.

I like the idea that these women don’t disguise their curves, don’t hide their shape. In fact I like it so much we’ve become specialists in body conscious dresses that highlight don’t hide your curves. We believe you should be celebrating your curves and that it is our responsibility to design pattern and stitch that will enhance and emphasize all that makes your body as bold, beautiful and irresistible as you want it to be.

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