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If We’re Plus Size 12 and Above, What is Size 10 and Below Called?

Minus size?

The time has come for us to be really focused on what these labels mean and imply.

At one point what we now categorize as Plus was called ‘Mama’. I don’t know about your Mama but mine was a perfectly normal, albeit short, woman. And she was stylish and very fashion oriented (I was reading her Vogue subscription before I was reading the Boxcar Children). The ‘mama’ designation was a negative with a muumuu over tone as if the larger size woman really didn’t want any fashion and would be content to hide under voluminous garments. An out of touch merchandisers solution to give ’em what they want not realizing that had no relevance to the customers’ needs.

Then we graduated to the designation ‘Women’s’. What?

Aren’t we all women?

So what does ‘Women’s’ actually mean? Well it would seem we are now relegated to a more ‘fashionable’ version of the muumuu equivalent with a bow at the neck and the ubiquitous pull on pant. Amazing that we haven’t gotten very far from where we started.

Okay, so now we are called ‘Plus.’ I don’t know about you but I kinda find that offensive. Curvy? Yes. Full figured? Yes. Average? Well, yes. Normal? By a statistical average, yes.

So what should we be called?

Well, here’s a thought. Why do we have to be categorized by size?  Why can’t we be presented by brand or designer as the so called ‘straight’ size product is presented? Why do bricks and mortar retailers feel we have to be buried behind children’s or even less attractive product categories?

I’m certain everyone of you has had a Plus size shopping experience and felt the sting of being made feel like a lesser person because of it. That has to stop. For us it can’t stop soon enough. We are passionate about delivering fashion forward, stylish dresses that fit and flaunt your curves. Since we are all bold, beautiful and irresistible, we should also be equal no matter what our size.

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