i.b.b.i. at the Hey Gorgeous Trunk Show

ibbi at the Hey Gorgeous Trunk Show

At the Hey Gorgeous Trunk Show we had the opportunity to do and see what we love best. Curvy women experiencing our dresses for the first time. They all do the same thing: stroke their thighs and grin.

Who among us hasn’t at some point or another said “Eh, I dont really want to let it all hang out. Better I get that looser fitting dress that kinda hides instead of reveals.” What brings us considerable joy is when that “eh” woman slips into one of our body con dresses and steps in front of a mirror. It’s a wonderful moment when you see her expression change, her hand goes to her hip which she cocks slightly as she shifts her weight from both feet to just one, topped by “I look really great, don’t I?” For us there is no question about it, for her it is a revelation.

I know it’s not always appropriate to brag but there is no greater satisfaction for us than seeing a doubter get so pleased with how she looks she wears the dress home having stuffed what she was wearing into her shopping bag.

Hey Gorgeous models

What is particularly great about the Hey Gorgeous experience is the comfort zone Aimee has created making the shopping experience for her plus size customers both easy and friendly. There is a community spirit laced with support and encouragement. And there is a sense of honestly that prevails, flattering when appropriate and truthful when something just isn’t quite right. That feeling turns a room of strangers into friends. Can’t have a better feeling than that.

So, eh, I’m going to brag. We dress the curvy woman to enhance not hide her curves and build her confidence so she knows she is bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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  1. It was truly a joy speaking with you at length that night. I have studied your collection and am now ready to "shape shop" your line. It's so delightful when a designer really 'gets it' and I can apply my mantra effortlessly and skillfully to Know Your Shape; Show Your Shape....most of the times it's more like Know Your Shape; HIDE Your Shape!!! Thanks for not hiding our curves and allowing us to be riding our curves in transcendant ease and style. Long may IBBI wave!!
    Catherine Schuller

  2. Catherine,
    It was such a pleasure meeting you!
    You are our inspiration! We want to give every woman a chance to feel confident and wonderfully curvaceous in clothing that’s made specifically for her body type. We look forward seeing you in i.b.b.i. Collection.

    Wishing you sunshine!
    Team i.b.b.i.


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