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Ann KearnsMy mother, God bless her soul, isn’t around to confirm or deny this so I feel free to claim it as fact.

I am definitely in very good company.  67% of us in America are 14 or larger and we are increasingly less of a ‘silent majority’ than we have ever been.

I’ve been blessed in many ways. Good family, excellent education, loyal friends. But until my plus size compatriots began being vocal about what was missing in our closets, I never felt all warm and fuzzy about a community action.

Now that has changed, which is why I’m talking to you.

i.b.b.i. Collection was born in the ground swell fed by bloggers, twitter feeders and instagram snap shooters.  A core of courageous, confident, forward thinkers began to speak up and speak out about the dearth of fashion available in the plus size market. CeCe Olisa , Gabi Gregg , Sarah Conley , Ty Alexander  among others have proven the plus size woman is a force to be reckoned with and designers better start paying attention to that voice.

And that is exactly what we are doing at i.b.b.i. Collection. Listening and paying attention; designing specifically for your body shape, engineering a fit that solves how to make it right for the plus size body (shoulders, armholes, waists, etc.), and, translating runway fashion into knit dresses that are trend savvy, color right, style smart and fit like a dream.

Talk to us. We want to hear what you think and what you would like to see us do for your wardrobe needs.

Co founder i.b.b.i.collection

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