i.b.b.i. Behind The Scenes Video

Come behind the scenes of our capsule launch. See what all the excitement is about!
Take a peek at our latest fashions for capsules 1 and 2. h. See why curvy is back.


Francoise Vianin
Ann Kearns

Photographer: Stanley Desbas
Photo Assistant: Samantha Figueroa

Stylist / Producer: Susan Moses

MUA: JaNina Lee
Hair: Danielle Wright

Hair & Make-up Assistants:
Make-up Assistant: Laurie
Hair Assistant: YaYa

Liris Crosse
Rosie Mercado
Reebecca Winters

Video Production:
Ashay Media Group (www.Ashay.com)
Creative Dir.: Cherise TrahanMiller
Executive Producer/Editor: Stephen A. TrahanMiller
Associate Producer: Mechelle Rayford
Camera: Stephen A. TrahanMiller, Mechelle Rayford

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