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How Do We Do It?

Inspiration has become almost a dirty word since in fashion it often translates into ripping pages out of magazines. That may prevail in many instances but for i.b.b.i. inspiration comes in the form of the curvy women we want to dress.

You are our Muse

We pay attention to trend, what’s coming down the runway and, yes, what we see in fashion magazines. But, bottom line, you are our Muse, a constant, infallible affirmation of our responsibility as translators of fashion for your curvy body.

We analyze trend and color and pattern, using our trained eye to envision how it can be best adapted to a curvy body. We’re women designing for women, never losing sight of our responsibility to dress you with panache and style. We use the basic philosophy of we only design what we would wear ourselves and keep that on the drawing board as a well placed mantra.

My Body Shape

Our first step is rough sketching our ideas on croques (body shapes) to get a feeling for proportion and movement. These roughs give us a chance to tinker, reformulate and refine designs until we are certain we have caught the essence of the concept and formulated a good look.

Next we scale out the design to see what happens when we move it onto a plus size body. Scaling means we resketch the design to scaled specifications for our fitting size 14, giving us the opportunity to see how the design will translate as we grade up in size. We feel this is a very important step as it confirms the design as it progresses up and down in scaled to size. It eliminates the guess work of throwing darts at a blank wall and hoping for the best. We want to be certain our design works on your curves in all our sizes.

Our tech design team takes the scaled sketch and perfects the construction and finishing details before passing it to our sample room where highly trained technicians translate the sketch into reality, careful to replicate both the style and the attitude. That first samples gives us our first taste of the reality of the design and an opportunity to make adjustments when fitting on a live model. We get to see not only how it fits and looks but how it moves and to read the reaction to the design by those participating in the fitting.

How We Do It - #ibbiwoman

With the fitting corrections and design modifications we move on to the photo sample which is what you see on our web site. We fit another sample (a duplicate of the photo sample) for production making certain that what we make for you is the very best in fit and quality. There is a lot of thought, consideration and effort that goes into making certain when you put on an i.b.b.i. dress there is no question you are bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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