Is This Lane Bryant Ad With Ashley Graham and Other Curvy Models Too Much for TV?

Hey! Wait A Minute! Did I Hear That Correctly?

NBC and ABC rejected a commercial featuring Ashley Graham and other full figured models because they thought it was too sexy.


In an age when every conceivable body function (or dysfunction) is hammered into our consciousness unrelentingly on television, a mainstream net work would reject an advertising spot, let’s face it, because it was populated with a bevy of full figured, voluptuous women in various stages of undress. Yep.

A 30 second Lane Bryant spot featuring Ashley et al was banned (March 11 The Daily News) and neither network explained why or even provided a reason for rejecting the body-positive spot. How can they possibly explain why ads with leaner models who are far more scantily dressed (or undressed) are acceptable?

What’s wrong with that picture?

Or worse, an Atlantic City casino being able to fire its cocktail servers if they gain more than 7 percent of their body weight, subjecting their female waitresses to humiliating weigh-ins far more often than male bartenders who we suspect are never weighed at all. And this is coming from a court decision which says it’s okay to fire people because of their weight.

Whoa! Something is radically wrong with that picture. Any way you slice it, this is blatant discrimination anchored in a gender stereotype which we know bears no resemblance to fact there are 67% of the curvalicious candidates who would be just as appealing as their skinny sisters. And in truth an hour glass figure without ample meat on the curves simply doesn’t qualify as hour glass.

We obviously have our work cut out for us. Educating the people who are making these decisions has to become a priority especially when you consider the full figured woman is quickly gaining significant spotlight territory. Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue; Gale King a well prepared and significant contributor to an influential morning news program ; Amy Schumer proving humor can come in all shapes and sizes; Melissa McCarthy becoming box office gold; Meghan Trainor setting the music world on fire along with Adele and Kelly Clarkson.

We all should be celebrating our curves instead of justifying them. We know we are bold, beautiful and both irresistible and irrepressible.

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