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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE. That is the question. The answer is simple. Sexy is obvious. Seductive is subtle. Each in their own way are effective but sexy leaves little to the imagination and seductive is cloaked in mystery. We think there is an opportunity to combine the best of both and be seduxy.

Our time has eliminated a lot of the mystery in life. Everyone has a cell phone and therefore everyone has a camera. There is literarily no safe spot where you can be certain there isn’t an ‘eye’ on you. On the one hand that’s good as it hopefully keeps some of the baddies at bay. But on the other hand it takes away that moment of excitement that accompanies mystery.

And, you have to know that being seductive is sublimely sexy because they are both aimed at the same target (and you all know what that is). We believe by making you feel confident we also make you feel sexy. And if we lean more toward being seductive and subtle than overt and sexy without any secrets, we feel you have so much to offer you should be able to control how you reveal and when you reveal your surprises.

Take a look at what’s happening to plus size lingerie. No more grannie panties; no more plain harnesses passing as bras. Bring on the lacy bits with support and sass at the same time. You know if you’re wearing lace and bows under your sweats and jeans you still grin with the knowledge that there are a lot of secrets to be unwrapped as you sashay down the avenue. That’s very empowering. You are totally in control and it’s a glorious feeling.

So, you put on an i.b.b.i. Collection body con dress and you feel the slight compression, the luxury of a dress that caresses your curves and you know you are both seductive and sexy. You know you are bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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