Don't be Afraid, You Are Not Alone

Don’t Be Afraid You’re Not Alone

Unleash your inner goddess. You have every right to strut your stuff and flaunt your curves.

France recently passed a law which purportedly will try to change the reality of the runway model from a size 00 to a 2, or maybe a 4. I guess any attention to a serious problem is better than no attention. But the harsh reality is there will still not be on the runway women who actually represent the norm.

That’s you and me, kiddo. Size 14 and more.

Here at i.b.b.i. collection we have made the conscious decision not to fight ’em and not to join ’em either. Better we are forging ahead with a collection specifically designed for the plus, curvy woman. Not a watered down version of what you see on the runway but a translation of trend fashioned for the curvy body taking into consideration all your specific figure issues.

I always like to spend a quiet moment on a bench, somewhere I can watch the passing parade. I have become increasingly aware we are much more than a statistic. There actually are more plus size women out there than there are straight size sisters.  That 67% statistic is a reality.

Not everyone in the passing parade is dressed for success. Many are in the jeans and tee shirt uniform and happily so. But the women who pass by clearly trying to be fashionable are more challenged. Make no mistake the fashion minded woman looks good, she just doesn’t look fabulous. More often than not she is in shapeless, dark, pattern-less outfits dependent on an expression of personality through her accessories.

We’ve opted to start with dresses as a dress eliminates the need to make a lot of decisions. It’s the total outfit in one piece ready to go as is or be accessorized with your favorite pieces. And if that dress is designed to accent your assets instead of hide them what could be better.

Our fit model, Ashley, is a fabulous size 16. She’s vibrant, talented, confident and bodacious. And we can immediately tell if the dress she has on is a winner when she looks over her shoulder and grins saying it makes her butt look fantastic. And with the right shape-wear the total package is dynamite.

And that’s what we want for you. A way to effortlessly look fabulous. Killer. Outstanding. Big, beautiful and irresistible.

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