We’ve put our money where our mouth is. Take a look at the three exquisite women we picked as our launch faces (and bodies). They represent who we are on many levels. And they were picked not because we were consciously looking for a politically or socially correct diversity but because they are all beautiful and represent the variety of body shapes we come in.

Are the worlds of individuality and diversity inextricably merged? Fashion is the most obvious way in which we can establish our individual signatures. For the curvy woman her choices have been narrow and not particularly exciting; her individual voice has been quieted (often silenced). When there is no voice there is no individuality and if there is no individuality, diversity retreats to the background.

Take a look at Rosie Mercado. She has made the issue of taking control a mantra and reshaped not just her body but her life by losing over 200 lbs. Rosie acknowledges she will never be a size two and, in fact, she doesn’t have much interest in becoming one.

What she does know and what she is very vocal about is taking charge of your body and subsequently your life. Don’t let your size define you rather define who you are by what you do. Very powerful and empowering personal statement. That’s were Rosie’s strength is. The fact she is Latino is a part of who she is but it is clear she is a universal role model.

Rosie Mercado

Liris is on the fast track to becoming the plus size equivalent of Naomi Campbell or Iman. She is outspoken, smart and sassy. Oh, and she is an hourglass goddess.

When we finished our first shoot, Liris thanked Francoise and myself for our appreciation of diversity. A very generous confirmation but we picked this trio of luscious ladies because they were perfect for representing who we are and what we are all about which the celebration of the many shapes within the plus size category.

Liris Crosse

Rebecca Winters has that Da Vinci (think Venus on the half shell) beauty which is natural, easy and breathtaking. She is the Renaissance woman prototype living in the 21st century.

She is so clearly comfortable in her skin, you spend time with her and the fact she is a plus size model becomes totally irrelevant. She is beautiful inside and out and that’s precisely how we feel about you all. We want to let you shine thru and look gorgeous doing it

So without making it an issue we are diverse. We recognize the woman we want to dress comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and a variety of colors.

Take a look at the ibbi collection and pick the dress (or dresses) that will let your bold, beautiful self shine.

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