Diet and What it Means - #ibbiwoman

Diet and What it Means

There is diet which translates into deprivation and sacrifice and then there is diet which means eating fresh, balanced, healthy foods in moderate proportions.

Let’s look at the first meaning of diet. It’s a punishment for having been reckless and undisciplined, careless, selfish, you put any label you want on the behavior it stills means the same thing. You have a sense of guilt over your body image and you think by denying yourself foods that before you ate with glee and abandon you will shrink to conform to the fashion world’s image of a lettuce snacker with an androgynous shape. But diets based on denial generally are doomed to failure as no one has the discipline to stay the course of deprivation and when you fall off the rails you typically over-eat, gain your loss back, and start the cycle of self punishment all over.

Now the second meaning of diet is the path to gaining the body and energy and flexibility and self esteem you really want without punishing yourself. A well balanced, protein rich diet laced with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit let’s your body settle into the weight where it functions the best. Controlling your portions and permitting yourself the occasional treat is the best way to permanently achieve the body image that lets you know the success of being strong, fit and beautiful.

Diet and What it Means - #ibbiwoman

Swap out those sodas and carbonated drinks for water; cut your caffeine and throttle back on your alcohol consumption, avoid sugar and processed foods. Use good judgment and your reward is your good health. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel in a very short time, how your energy level escalates, how your skin clears, your eyes sparkle and your mood brightens as you gain control over your own well being.

Don’t be lured by the fad when you can opt for the long term path to good health. Remember you are who you are. You’re only responsibility is to maintain and improve your bold, beautiful body and each of its glorious curves. And when you consider packaging that irrepressible you, come along to the i.b.b.i. collection and let us wrap you up in luxury, containing all those good feelings you have about yourself.

That old saying Your body is a temple should be a new mantra guiding you to the world of self esteem and empowerment you deserve. Good health and being fit are not entitlements. Like all good things you need to work at being bold, beautiful and irresistible and i.b.b.i. collection is right there beside you

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