Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - #ibbiwoman

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

How do we make some of our decisions?

First, we think about our customer, you. When we are trying to envision what we think you would like, we think about what we would like and use that as our starting point.

Second, we decided to make our dresses full fashioned knits because in our experience we have found that knit is the most forgiving, the most comfortable, easiest to care for, most flattering ‘fabrication’ we have worked with over our combined 50 years in this business. I put fabrication in quotes because our garments are knit to size to guarantee our specifications for fitting each size. That means each garment has been specifically constructed for your size and your curvy body.

Why bother doing that?

The answer is an easy one: You get a better fitting garment and one that is more apt to love your curves than fight against them. All along we knew we would be using high power lycra as a component part of our knit to give our garments memory and slight compression so when you put on one of our dresses you can feel how they hug your curves and move with you. And we know that helps to build your confidence in how you look.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - #ibbiwoman

Finally, we selected a yarn (rayon/nylon blend) that has proven to take color brilliantly and is easy care, packable, and stays crisp and composed after those long days when you’re busy from dawn to dusk. It’s also good knitting, even, regular and smooth. We can print on it, jacquard it, use it for intarsia, knit in stitch patterns and finish it cleanly and securely. Rayon, a cellulose fiber, has a high tensile strength meaning it is characteristically strong. And when combined with nylon it gets stronger, the nylon giving it some memory so over all it becomes a reliable fiber that wants to keep its shape and continue to look new and fresh over time and over repeated wearings. Adding the high power lycra increases the memory component while adding more strength over all as well as stretch (which both the rayon and the nylon like to do as well). The final result is comfortable and reassuring on the body.

It took some experimentation, some trial and error, some moments when we went back to the drawing board but the final result is where we are now presenting you dresses that are bold, beautiful and totally irresistible.

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