We All Owe a Debt To Oscar De La Renta #ibbiwoman

We All Owe Our Debt To Oscar De La Renta

When a man truly loves women in all shapes and sizes it makes us grin with self satisfaction. But when a designer truly loves women it’s cause to celebrate. Oscar said we should all walk like there were three men following us and celebrated that sassy, come hither attitude the sexy, confident, well composed woman exudes with a sense of humor and an arched brow.

"Women should walk like they have three men walking behind them" - Oscar De La Renta

So how can we all become worthy of the appreciation of those three men walking behind us?

First, we have to acknowledge in our own hearts who we really are. No excuses. No complaint. No blame. No ‘woe-is-me.’ Each in our own way is the image of perfection in our Maker’s eyes. So first you have to get on board with loving yourself. Are we each actually perfect as we are? Maybe not, but with proper self esteem and confidence we are all taking a giant step towards it.

Second, stop looking around with envy, taking someone else’s vision of what you should look like as gospel. If we were all meant to look alike we would be zebra striped with one blue and one brown eye and rainbow colored wavy hair. When you experience self confidence and gain self esteem you have a greater appreciation for humanity’s infinite variety and how you can take your place with pride in the panoramic vision of who we each are.

Third, you have to start taking care of yourself. Stop eating chemicals and start eating fresh, balanced meals that are satisfying and packed with energy. The good stuff is tasty. But as a word of caution: don’t deny yourself treats. Just use good judgment. Have but a few of those chocolate covered almonds rather than a fist full. Have that slice of pizza just don’t hork down the whole pie. And get moving. You don’t need a gym to get into your best exercise. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and a destination. That walk is good for the core, is cardio at its finest and is easy to do and do often without interrupting your schedule.

Fourth, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Opt for a glass of water over the extra cup of coffee or the carbonated drink. Think of water as the restorative of your inner purity. It’s clear, crisp and wonder of all wonders, actually good for you. There are so many plus benefits to drinking water not the least of which is how it plumps out the skin, minimizes those wrinkles and gives you a healthy glow.

And, fifth, when you’re getting ready to greet the world, make your biggest, most important decision of the day your choice of which i.b.b.i. dress to wear. We are all about being the gift wrapping for that bold, beautiful and irresistible you. Come take a look at ibbicollection and wrap up that confident, sexy, composed beautiful curvy body in something yummy.

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