The Curvy Con 2016 - #ibbiwoman

The Curvy Con 2016

We were at The Curvy Con in New York and experienced the blessing of being in a community that shares a single focus, that of personal and group acceptance. Mind you this is not a community without a conscious or a sense of responsibility. There is an emphasis on being fit and eating healthy, of feeling good about who you are not what you are, of being the best you can be because the only person stopping you is you yourself.

The pervasive high energy level of validation, encouragement, sharing of life experience, talk about the unmentionable but common questions, sense of self was awesome. You found yourself talking to strangers with the same enthusiasm you would have for a chat with a long time friend. Each woman in attendance left with the spirit of a warrior ready to face whatever came her way, good, not so good and sometimes awful.

There was a lot of talk about influencers, bloggers, a more vocal and involved community. As I listened to the various speakers in the assorted seminars, I was overwhelmed by the burgeoning strength of the plus size voice and how it was shaping the future.

The Curvy Con 2016 - #ibbiwoman

Awareness is a significant step toward acceptance.

The more vocal the plus size community is the more quickly negative attitudes toward plus will change. It’s very positive to recognize the plus size model as a viable plus size image. It’s even more important when the print media identifies the plus size person in the street. InStyle, for instance, regularly runs images of regular people as plus size statements of fashion.

And it makes a very powerful statement when Curvy Con announced it was moving to Fashion Week. This is precisely where it belongs. Talk about a shout out. Wow. Think of all the possibilities. I have a vision of plus collections up on the runway with plus models strutting their stuff and dazzling all with their fashion statement and relevance.

We’ve been in the fashion business for a dog’s age and where before we recognized the evolutionary process of seasonal presentations, we now are energized by the revolutionary aspect of plus size awareness and the demand for plus size fashion in a wear now context. We believe that makes considerable sense and that it is important to deliver to the plus size customer fashion she can wear now. It’s our responsibility to deliver trend, color and fashion straight from the runway into your closet so you are always bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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