Credibility #ibbiwoman


In an age of abbreviations and short cuts personal and professional integrity and the credibility factor seem to have been sacrificed on the altar of quick, and the quicker the better. We’re hovering on the cusp of instant gratification not being fast enough.

i.b.b.i. doesn’t operate with shortcuts. Shortcuts generally represent a level of compromise we are unwilling to have represent our product. We believe in quality and quality suffers a lot in the shortcut method of product development and production.

Enter the credibility factor.

i.b.b.i. believes the credibility factor is of paramount importance in its relationship with its customers so we deliver what we promise. What does it mean in the real world: consistency, reliability, transparency, integrity are all elements in the stew pot of the credibility factor.

Credibility #ibbiwoman

How do we do that?

We work with quality materials from the beginning of development and throughout the process of creating product for you. We never lose sight of our responsibility to you, careful to evaluate trend in terms of how it will best translate into garments for the curvy body. And, most important, we believe in our product, are proud of it.

We are confident once you get started with i.b.b.i. we will be irresistible, making you both bold and beautiful.

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