Susan Moses 'The Art of Dressing Curves' - #ibbiwoman

Bravo and Congratulations to Susan Moses on her book ‘The Art of Dressing Curves’

Susan Moses worked with us on our first ever photo shoot, styling the hair and make-up for our three beautiful models, Rosie, Rebecca and Liris. She brings the same sense of enthusiasm to our product launch as she brings to her advice on how to put it all together in her book.

She gives us a peek into how to get it together and make a personal statement while doing it. THE ART OF DRESSING CURVES should be your handbook for building a basic wardrobe with all the essential pieces you need, how to pick the right shape wear for your body, and how to build your own style as a reflection of your personality.

What is of greatest substance in Susan’s book is she makes it clear your curvy body is a celebration of self.

Confidence, presenting your very best self are key to feeling good.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Victoria Janashvilli ‘s book CURVES, published last year. A collection of reimagined pin-ups, the photography celebrates the booty in all its bodacious sizes. It’s a photographic journal of the journey to self-love.   And it includes big and small, known and unknown simply because the author believes “…everybody’s journey is so different.” She believes they are all equally interesting. “They all look very different and they all have different backgrounds, but from my perspective, each one of these women is good with herself, and treats herself kindly.”

Inspiring, courageous and need I say bold, beautiful and irresistible.

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