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Body Shaming is Sizeless

One thing we have in common with our straight sized sisters is we are both targets for body shamers. If you read the gossip magazines (which I personally devour every week) you frequently see snarky comments disguised as concern over how thin Angelina Jolie has gotten, or how worried everyone is over the health of Kate Boseworth, or why we should be concerned about Nicole Richie’s waiflike appearance.   I know, I know. Easy to forget that side of the coin when we’ve been (or have appeared to be) the target for some fierce and often ugly shaming. “Hey fattie,”, “Haven’t seen your toes in years, have you?” It goes on and on and we often think it will never end no matter how much confidence we gain.

Angelina Jolie, Kate Boseworth, Nicole Richie

Often you feel you must be doing something wrong and if you have a positive body image it’s frequently difficult not to have doubts in the face of outrageous bullying. Being curvy has become a negative marketing tool. Just look at all the diet supplement adverts. They make the assumption that we all want to be skinny and that we are willing to risk our health to lose weight quickly as if the pounds magically melt away if only you follow their regime.

Diet books, often disguised as self help books, are a standard on every publisher’s list. Each new diet guru (credentialed or not) has the answer and it is founded in if you lose weight you will be happier, better liked and generally a better person. And the more weight you lose, the faster you lose it, the more popular you will be and the more fulfilled.

Well, I say, “Who says so?” I am the first to admit there is a substantial difference between being curvy and being morbidly obese. We all know the difference, some of us may even at one point or another tipped over into the danger zone. But as Aidy Bryant said she is “…not going to apologize for my size. I’m not wrong for having the body that I do.” She very correctly says, “I still deserve to dress cool. I still deserve to feel as glamorous or as ‘Hollywood cool’ as anyone else.” The curvy woman is, after all, the new average and soon to become the new normal. She cares about her health, is fit and she is definitely bold, beautiful and irresistible.

Cynthia Ramsay Noel, Aidy Bryant, Toni Morrison

Take a look around you. Emme, Kelly Clarkson, Melissa McCarty, Rebel Wilson, Ashley Graham, Joby Bach (#jobybach), Toni Morrison, Hillary Clinton, Cynthia Ramsay Noel (#flightofthefatgirl) , Adele, Gwen DeVoe. The list in the spotlight goes on and on. They represent the vanguard of curvy women establishing the fact that talent, presence, confidence, personal style and commitment prevail over negative body image and pathetic body shaming.

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