Body Acceptance for Self Acceptance

Body Acceptance for Self Acceptance

WHO KNEW YOU COULD HAVE FAT ELBOWS?  We all have body parts we are not thrilled with and often style our outfits around disguising  those nasty bits.  But with body acceptance comes a tremendous sense of relief, the realization that you don’t have to be shy about body parts that are less than perfect.  They are what they are and they are a part of you.  And who set the standard for ‘perfect.’  Now I’m the first to admit easier said than done.  But a major part of body acceptance is how we view our body, not someone else’s in relation to our body.


Take a look, strip it down and face up to the image in the mirror.  Full front, side and half back (full back you’ll need a second mirror but half back, a look over your shoulder works as well).  Hmm, those shoulders, the curve of your hip, the shape of those delicate ankles.  Now take a closer look.  A smooth complexion with a hit of crinkle at the outer edge of your eyes indicating you laugh a lot and have a good disposition. Graceful hands, well shaped nails on tapered fingers. Double hmm.  Great hair and lots of it.  Triple hmm.

Body Acceptance for Self Acceptance

Now take another closer look. That tummy you thought had a life of its own is actually an important part of your body shape.  Stand straighter, let your girdle muscles tighten up and see how you can control the shape of your tum.  Interesting huh? Good to feel those muscles at work.  Who knew?
Suddenly those fat elbows don’t matter a whit.  Not up against those well shaped shoulders, curvy waist and hip, well turned ankle.

See, the beauty of body acceptance is honing your ability to focus on the good parts relegating the not so perfect parts to a secondary status.  Acknowledge their there but get the perspective right and you will emerge bold, beautiful and irresistible.


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