At Last.

You are becoming more aware of how slim and curvy ladies are speaking up about body shaming. Acknowledging it’s not only not politically correct; it’s offensive, insulting and plain ridiculous.

Melissa McCarthy is pretty blunt when she says there is much more to the plus size woman than the size of her butt. You know it; we know it and it would seem the media is just beginning to get with the program. It still seems to come as a surprise to the media when they acknowledge accomplishment or recognize popularity in the plus size community. In truth, there should be no surprise, as the size of our butt has nothing to do with the capacity of our brain and how we use it.

Amy Schumer was really miffed when she got placed on the cover of a magazine devoted to size issues with the implication she was plus size, which she basically dismissed as not relevant. And she is absolutely right. Size should not be a defining issue.

At Last - #ibbiwoman

Ashley Graham has been putting a serious dent in the plus size image with her pioneering position on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She’s one of four covers and she is holding more than her own in sales. And she is a positive reflection of the positive body images championed by such iconic figures as Emme, Alexandra Boos and Gwen Devoe.

Naomi Campbell called out Sports Illustrated model Cheryl Tiegs who had sniffed that Ashley Graham’s waist should be smaller than 35 inches. Naomi correctly asked, “How does she know that? She’s not obese…I wouldn’t comment on someone’s size…If she’s a beautiful woman … she should be a model.” And in a business that seems focused on absurdly small measures, that’s a very powerful statement from an industry icon.

At Last - #ibbiwoman

Hillary Clinton fearlessly meets and greets the world in patterned, colorful pants suits and always looks powerful, confident and well put together. There’s more but you get the drift. Curvy women are the new normal and sooner rather than later the media is going to understand that being bold, beautiful and irresistible comes in a variety of sizes.

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