#ibbiWoman - An Exclusive Q&A Session with Models: Rosie Mercado, Rebecca Winters and Liris Crosse

An Exclusive Q&A Session with Models: Rosie, Rebecca and Liris

Thanks to the stylings of Susan Moses, we had the pleasure to work with Rosie Mercado, Liris Cross and Rebecca Winters, three incredible curvy and vivacious plus fashion models for our capsule one and two collections, we wanted to know more!
We asked these sexy, confident, flirty women what makes them so and about their journey in the plus size fashion industry.

What is your Model hashtag. And what are your favorite hash tags to use? What do they represent to you?

RW: My model hashtag (s) are: #curvyandilikeit #myjourney #lovetheskinyourein
These hashtags represent the process and my journey of self love and acceptance. As a human being, we can all understand that it’s not as easy as flipping on and off switch. It’s not as easy as saying I love my flaws. Some days are great and some days are not so great. This is why I use my journey as a hashtag. My self confidence is definitely better then when I grew up but I still have a long way to go and I believe people can relate to that.

LC: My hashtag is #LifeOfAWorkingModel for my modeling life & #LifeOfAWorkingModelBootCamp for my model bootcamps that help instruct the next generation. They represent the real, true representation of what it means to work day in & day out in the modeling industry. They are the essence of my work. Also my #LirisMotivates help inspire others daily spiritually while #LirisFit or #HealthyCurves helps to inspire others physically.

RM: #authenticbeauty #latina I am proud to be latina and proud of my cultural traditions and the values my parents raised me with one that I can pass down to my children. I have also learned the genuine importance of being authentic where ever you go and regardless of you background and size when you are truly authentic then you can connect with people, live with freedom and be peaceful and happy in every are of your life. Authenticity is such an important value to live by thats why I love #authenticbeauty becasue when your authentic you truly shine!

How has social media effected your career in the plus fashion industry?

RW: Social media has helped utilize my plus modeling career dramatically. Networking, sharing, talking and so on with others in the community first and foremost, has been simply wonderful. Without such platforms as Instagram and/or Facebook I wouldn’t have stumbled upon some of the things that helped me gain courage a long the way. Because of that, it helped me inspire others. This is what social media has done for me and for my career because without the followers and fans, I wouldn’t be where I am today. We work hand in hand. When you can introduce a new clothing brand or things that you thoroughly believe in (and vice versa)through social media, it’s a wonderful thing!

LC: It has helped me to gain international acclaim & supporters from countries I haven’t even visited yet. It’s also help me spread my work & my message globally while attracting new clients.

RM: Social Media is so important in everything that you do because its your social footprint and the wasy the world has turned to connect. Its an amazing platform if used correctly to inspire and educate the people who support my work. I love social media because I can connect with so many people around the world and for that I am grateful. I thinkits important to show who you are in such an authentic way that when people meet you you social media shows the essence of who you are and what your values are. I would not have the career I have today if it was not for the amazing people that follow my work and share my images. I am so thankful to connect and share my message and love of fashion to the world! Inspiration in every area of my life is key to keep going and keep connecting in a world full of darkness I choose to be light!

Why is diversity on the runway and in print media important to our society?

RW: Diversity in runway and/or pint is extremely important because every body is different. How we fit in clothing differs from person to person. We shouldn’t be looking at just one size on the runway or print for both Straight size and Plus Size industries. We should be looking at multiple varieties because there’s so many different types of women and men that could benefit from seeing how clothing moves, shapes, relates and adheres to different body types and cultures.

LC: It’s important because we need to show the diversity of our world & what we experience daily. I have friends of different races & sizes. Fashion needs to reflect the world around us. People like to see themselves represented. Models like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks & Iman represented for me so I could see myself & believe that I could follow suit!

RM: It is so important because diversity exists everywhere we go. We need to be represented as we are all different. Girls growing up need to be happy with being authentic and know that they too have inspiration to look for and learn from. Inspiration is what moves mountains and keeps us looking forward to tomorrow. Girls growing up need that diversity to not only understand that they are unique and beautiful but they should love themselves because we are all different. Perfection does not exist but love and inspiration does. We are all worthy of love, respect and fashion!

The struggles in the plus size fashion industry are not new to you, what positive changes have you seen happen or been a part of in the past year? Designer, event, social media, the industry, supporters, etc?

RW: There have been so many wonderful things happening in the plus size community. From celebrities embracing their curves, to major fashion houses becoming more open to expanding their sizes and just overall awareness that fashion isn’t just for one size. There have been many plus positive campaigns that have caught mainstream media’s eyes that have been looked in positive light. We are making changes in the fashion industry and that’s a great feeling!

LC: Well the biggest change was when I walked in the first “Project Runway” designer finale that had a plus collection & plus models. I was so happy that Ashley Nell Tipton won with us showcasing her collection as the first plus designer to win the competition! “Project Runway” is a huge platform & us walking in New York Fashion Week for it made such a huge statement! Plus fashion can be done well & look great on the runway alongside the straight size designers too. I also saw more size diversity & a little racial diversity which always makes me feel good.

RM: The changes I have seen is that we are using the power of social media to voice our opinions and talk to designers and let them know what we want to see! They are listening to us, they are watching the power of social media that we have!

What about your journey in plus size modeling has been the most exciting and the most disputing to you?

RW: The most exciting is meeting everybody in the plus community. There are so many wonderful, loving people that just enjoy life and are so encouraging and uplifting everyday. I would say the most disputing would be the amount of women on women body shaming online there are nowadays. There’s always someone that’s going to scrutinize, nitpick or ridicule some of the models or whomever and that’s mildly discouraging.

LC: The most exciting thing about my journey is seeing the changes over the years. It used to be all about a moo-moo & very little style or confidence. Thats all changing now with daring designers & major retailers stepping up their game. The most disputing is when we argue over the word plus or what is plus size. Its a waste of time. We don’t need to fight each other within our community.

RM: I think my journey has taught me so many lessons ones that I share everyday! It has taught me to celebrate the happy moments and learn from the bad. It has taught me to not settle because what others think, approve or disaprove and to live my life to the fullest on my own terms always with staying in tune with my values and a humble heart. Appreciation opens the door to blessings and values keep you on the right path! I understand I am responsible for me and that I dont have the power to make everyone happy I just have the power to use my story to inspire others. I have learned on my journey that its about connecting the dots and serving others as that brings the biggest happiness! we must live a live that pays it forward and create a positive change in other peoples lives.

What makes you feel? Why? Confident: Flirty: Sexy

RW: What makes me feel confident ,flirty and sexy you ask ?? Well, Having my hair done, getting a massage, that amazing feeling after having a good workout, getting tanned LOL, wearing a nice lingerie outfit, showing off my curves with a nice dress…these are to name a few

LC: Confident: a talk with my sister. She is so inspiring & helpful in my spiritual & mental growth. She’s one of my life coaches.
Flirty: A fresh hairdo & a new pair of lashes. Leaving the salon you feel like it’s all eyes on you & lashes just make me want to bat my almond shaped eyes at every good looking man as I walk by!
Sexy: A great fitting dress. I love dresses cause they make me feel like such a lady. I love IBBI’s because they’re so well made!

RM: Flirty and sexy starts in the mind and what we have with in radiates out! I love taking care of my self and getting dolled up! Theres nothing sexier than a big smile a personality full of confidence and a great dress that shows my latina curves! I am sexy! I am curvy! I am authentically beautiful on my own terms! I am happy!

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