A Reuben Is More Than A Sandwich

Peter Paul Rubens painted portraits of voluptuous women; reflections of what was considered the ideal woman. Visit any art museum in the world and stroll among the classical paintings and sculpture. You’re surrounded by curvaceous, big, and beautiful women. Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Rubens, Da Vinci and more all saw the female form as a lush, well rounded beauty. Healthy, languid, relaxed in her pose, confident.

Ever wonder what the Mona Lisa was grinning about? She knew her curvy, full figure body was very desirable. Her enigmatic smile says it all; she’s almost winking at you. She’s right you know. Being plus doesn’t mean you need to hide or camouflage your assets.

Serena Williams (just presented Athletic of the Year by Sports Illustrated) says it all. “You have to learn to accept who you are and love who you are. I’m really happy with my body.”

Being plus doesn’t mean you aren’t fit and strong. In fact you are probably in better condition and healthier than a lot of skinny Minnies. Your generous curves and abundant assets don’t tell the whole story. I bet most of you are committed to a regular exercise routine. I would also bet you have a deep well of stamina, boundless energy and often leave others in your dust.

When you stop trying to reduce your size for the wrong reasons you step into an arena that is both liberating and confidence building. By striving to be healthy and fit, content with your assets, determined to showcase them instead of hide them, you gain a heightened level of self awareness which radiates from within.

If in doubt, I urge you to visit your local museum or library and take a look at what the classical masters deemed the ideal woman. I’m not certain when that perception changed, when we became fashion victims figuratively and literally. The hobble skirt which had crippling results, the boned and laced corsets which left you gasping if not faint, the metal cages of crinolines, all ‘fashion forward’ elements which morphed into our modern closets as Merry Widow corsets, panty girdles, push up bras and fierce underpinnings of one sort or another all ostensibly designed to reshape our bodies into a new norm.

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  1. Cool article.

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  2. Next time I eat a rubeun I will look at it with a different eye.
    Well said

    1. Thank you Fanfy!


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